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Larry Itliong

The Delano Manongs is a compelling documentary that explores the little known history of the Filipinos involved in the United Farm Workers Union, (UFW) a union made famous by its Mexican American leader, Cesar Chavez.

The 30-minute film is an intimate look at the forgotten Filipino leader of the UFW, like Larry Itliong, (pictured below) who began the Grape Strike of 1965 in Delano, California. The film describes the wave of Filipino immigrants who arrived in the 1920s and 1930s to find themselves faced with a myriad of laws that barred them from voting, owning property, even marrying who they wanted to marry.

Using never before seen archival film footage and audio recordings of first-person accounts from the Filipino leaders, we learn how the Filipino labor group first went out to strike in the grape fields of Delano, California and how they merged with Cesar Chavez’s group of Mexican farm workers to make a local strike become a nationwide labor movement and boycott.

Delano Manongs is appropriate in these areas of study:
-Asian & Asian American studies
-Labor & the Study of Labor Movements
-California & US history
-Filipino & Filipino American studies
-Peace & Social Justice


  1. Hartnell College Library is interested in purchasing this DVD. Is it closed captioned or does it have subtitles? We are required to purchase only items that are closed captioned.

    Thank you.

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